Audi Coupe Cabrio

Febi Arm Front To Right Suspension For Audi 80 Coupé Cabriolet

Febi Arm Front To Right Suspension For Audi 80 Coupé Cabriolet

Febi Arm Front To Right Suspension For Audi 80 Coupé Cabriolet   Febi Arm Front To Right Suspension For Audi 80 Coupé Cabriolet
Febi arm suspension front right for audi 80 coupe cabriolet. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Febi right front triangle for audi 80 cut cabriolet. 1 right front triangle febi.

See technical information and the table of vehicles. Matched article number: 09523 material: steel sheet handlebar type: triangulation installation location: front axle to right installation location: below with bearings and without joints - general.

Steering parts and axle suspension components febi. Belief-based quality in management technology, febi bilstein is one of the leading suppliers of the independent replacement market. Example of triangles: the offer includes only triangles that guarantee 100% driving stability.

Therefore, certified quality management tests the triangles proposed for various requirements and loads. These include adjustment accuracy, dimensional accuracy, material quality, tensile strength and hardness levels.

The advantages in one stroke of oil. Much of the repairs in the independent workshop market are due to the repair and maintenance of chassis parts. Due to the increasingly compact and lightweight design of the axles of modern vehicles, the need for repair of chassis components has also increased. The modern geometry of the axles does not even stop at discrete components such as screws and nuts. In the area of wheel suspension and chassis in particular, special fastening materials are often used to meet high safety requirements.

In most cases, these are screws and self-locking nuts. Among other things, locking washers, elastic washers, combined screws, combined nuts, expansion screws, crenelated nuts and split pins as well as nuts with plastic inserts are used. In order to avoid an adverse reaction and thus a very strong connection of different materials (e. Aluminium and steel) due to electrochemical corrosion, connecting materials are often provided with special surface coatings. It is therefore essential to renew in depth all the culture material!

Note on the accuracy of the adjustment. Please check the compatibility of the items before paying an order. As soon as an order has been paid, it is automatically shipped so that the goods reach you as quickly as possible. If you are not sure, send us your vehicle data before paying so that we can check your order and correct it if necessary. To check your order, we need the kba number.

From your grey card, the chassis number (e-number) and the date of first registration. In some cases, additional information is required to reliably identify the required spare part. Saving on consumables such as paper and ink/toner saves valuable environmental resources. In addition, you no longer have to worry about storing, filing and searching your bill. Please note that it is not possible to change the delivery address after payment, as we release and forward orders directly for shipment.

Note on the tracking number. Audi 80 (89, 89q, 8a, b3).

03.90 - 08.91. 09.91 - 12.94. 06.93 - 12.94. 08.92 - 12.94. 07.92 - 12.94. At 8c-n-000 351 or then no. From 8c-n-175 592 engine code afc. 04.92 - 12.94. 02.93 - 12.94. 06.92 - 12.94. 09.91 - 07.92. Front Audi 80 (8c5, b4). 07.92 - 01.96. 02.93 - 01.96.

02.93 - 07.95. 07.92 - 07.95.

08.92 - 07.95. 09.91 - 11.94. 06.93 - 01.96.

09.91 - 01.96. 12.92 - 07.95.

01.93 - 07.98. 05.91 - 07.94. 06.93 - 08.00. 11.92 - 08.00.

06.95 - 07.96. 06.95 - 08.00. 10.88 - 07.94.

05.89 - 12.96. From 8b-l-003 792 not for 3-speed automatic gearbox or then bj. From 01.95 engine code abk. 08.92 - 12.96. 03.90 - 12.96.

09.91 - 12.96. Up to 8b-n-000 255 or bj. 11.88 - 12.92. 11.88 - 07.91.

08.91 - 12.96. 08.89 - 07.91. 01.92 - 07.92. 05.89 - 03.90.

From 8b-l-003 792 steps for 3-speed automatic gearbox. Thank you for your interest in our products, your team of cheap automotive parts. This item is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\ automobile: parts and accessories\suspension and steering\control arms, ball joints and assemblies".

The seller is "auto-preiswert" and is located in this country: de. This item can be shipped to the following country: European Union.
    Mark: febi bilstein
  1. particularities: 100% adjustment accuracy
  2. manufacturer: febi bilstein
  3. included in delivery: triangle bearing
  4. Manufacturer/Supplier parts: auto parts price Material: steel
  5. Vehicle location: front side, right side
  6. year: 4027816095248
  7. reference number(s) oe/oem: original meyle, metzger lemforder mapco
  8. Manufacturer part number: 09524
  9. product group: direction
  10. product type: control arm
  11. Item number: 15963295
  12. product type.: assembly of the control arm and the ball joint

Febi Arm Front To Right Suspension For Audi 80 Coupé Cabriolet   Febi Arm Front To Right Suspension For Audi 80 Coupé Cabriolet