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Fms 76mm Duplex System For Audi A5 B9 (f5 /b8) Cut And Cabriolet Quattro

Fms 76mm Duplex System For Audi A5 B9 (f5 /b8) Cut And Cabriolet Quattro
Fms 76mm Duplex System For Audi A5 B9 (f5 /b8) Cut And Cabriolet Quattro
Fms 76mm Duplex System For Audi A5 B9 (f5 /b8) Cut And Cabriolet Quattro
Fms 76mm Duplex System For Audi A5 B9 (f5 /b8) Cut And Cabriolet Quattro

Fms 76mm Duplex System For Audi A5 B9 (f5 /b8) Cut And Cabriolet Quattro    Fms 76mm Duplex System For Audi A5 B9 (f5 /b8) Cut And Cabriolet Quattro
Fms 76mm duplex system for audi a5 b9 (f5 /b8) cut and cabriolet quattro. This product sheet has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. It's easy to pay. Duplex system 76mm audi a5 b9 (f5 / b8) cut and cabrio quattro.

Scope of delivery: 76 mm duplex system is also suitable for the stainless steel s-line rear deck with operating permit this -is not suitable and approved for the import of vehicles from non-EU countries. The article has an abe cee.

It can be exchanged for the serial article without acceptance. Cat sport friedrich exhaust systems.

The systems replace the rear silencer and front silencer. The external diameter of the pipe guide is larger than that of the series, which is ideal for vehicles with a higher factory output, whose systems usually have an external pipe diameter of 55-60 mm. The systems are constructed according to the principle of absorption, which means that the sieve pipes pass through the silencer, resulting in a lower exhaust gas back-pressure and thus an increase in power and torque. Compared to the standard system, the sound is more matte and more powerful. There are several variants of exhaust outlets to customize the rear of the vehicle.

Unless otherwise indicated, delivery always includes a licence to operate this. The assembly equipment usually consists of appropriate clamps and adapters, if necessary for assembly. The sport exhaust is made for the standard rear apron, rear aprons adjustment on request!

Please specify the number of the exhaust hose variant desired when ordering! Before selecting the exhaust outlets, be sure to measure the rear cut of your vehicle. Not all exhaust outlets fit into the standard rear deck cutout without having to change them afterwards. Please note that due to the individual design of the exhaust pipe, the article is only produced after the customer has ordered it! Depending on the current volume of orders, the delivery time is approx. With a high volume of orders, it can sometimes take longer. You will then be informed immediately. Generally: In general, it is absolutely necessary to clean all exhaust pipe, silencing, etc. And, if necessary, to treat them with a suitable maintenance product. Only in this way can the careful appearance of a sport silencer or exhaust pipe be guaranteed in the long term.

Delivery includes all assembly parts, such as supports, rubber suspensions and clamps, which are necessary for assembly. Please indicate the number of the exhaust pipe desired during the subsequent control process.

You can do this in the step after the basket via the link "add a message". This is the page on which the delivery address and payment method are again displayed. There are no additional costs due to the selection of the exhaust pipe. At this stage, please also indicate your exact vehicle type.

Please also indicate whether it is a standard rear, a rear sport... Compatible with the following vehicles. Audi a5 b9 (f5 / b8) coupé and cabrio quattro bj. 06 / 2016-06 / 2018 2.0l tfsi 185kw. Tss tuning gmbh was founded in 1997 by Frank sigel in kirchheim unter teak (stuttgart).

The company has made a very good reputation throughout Europe in the field of Honda tuning. This experience has been extended to many other product segments, so today we have a very good selection of vehicle parts for a wide variety of vehicle brands in our warehouse. Our in-house workshop is able to evaluate a wide variety of products on the vehicle and understand customer questions. A close connection with the respective manufacturers ensures an optimal flow of information, which we gladly transmit to our customers. The client is our priority. We offer our customers a very good quality at a fair price. Thanks to optimized processes and our own warehouse, we are usually able to ship all over Europe on the day of the order. You will receive competent advice from us. Thanks to our internal workshop, we can optimally understand your questions. With us, you will find a very wide and extensive portfolio of products with advantageous prices for our customers.

Take advantage of these advantages when buying. Thanks to optimized processes and close cooperation with major shipping service providers, we can guarantee optimal processing in terms of time.

For more than 20 years, we have maintained close contacts managed by our owners with a large number of manufacturers. We are pleased to share these benefits with our customers. Unless otherwise specified, delivery shall always include a licence to operate. The item "fms 76mm duplex system for audi a5 b9 (f5 /b8) coupé and cabriolet quattro" has been on sale since Saturday, July 3, 2021.

It is in the category "auto, motorcycle - parts, accessories\auto\ spare parts\exhaust systems\complete exhaust systems". The seller is "tss-shop_de" and is located at/in kirchheim unter teak. This item can be shipped to the following country: European Union.

  1. location: downwards
  2. surface structure: top quality
  3. Mark: friedrich motorsport Delivery content: 1x 991078t-x3-x
  4. expertise: free registration.
  5. Manufacturer part number: 991078t-x3-x Material: stainless steel
  6. manufacturer: friedrich motorsport

Fms 76mm Duplex System For Audi A5 B9 (f5 /b8) Cut And Cabriolet Quattro    Fms 76mm Duplex System For Audi A5 B9 (f5 /b8) Cut And Cabriolet Quattro