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Specific 13-pin bundle for AUDI A4 sedan type 8K/B8 Jaeger TOP

Specific 13-pin bundle for AUDI A4 sedan type 8K/B8 Jaeger TOP
Specific 13-pin bundle for AUDI A4 sedan type 8K/B8 Jaeger TOP

Specific 13-pin bundle for AUDI A4 sedan type 8K/B8 Jaeger TOP    Specific 13-pin bundle for AUDI A4 sedan type 8K/B8 Jaeger TOP
ELECTRICAL HARNESS for Audi A4 sedan 10.2007 - 06.2011, 13 pins Specific to the vehicle Erich Jaeger. No tow bar included in this offer. Other important product information can be found in the installation manual - please click on the link! Technical assistance even after purchase. A complete package: Tow bars + harnesses. Harness also suitable for Audi A4 sedan type 8K/B8 10.2007 - 06.2011. Year: 10.2007 - 06.2011. For vehicles without PR-Code "1D0" connector waiting. Also suitable for vehicles with ACC (adaptive cruise control).

We are happy to help you check if your vehicle has the necessary preparations, please contact us with the chassis number in front of you. All necessary screws and fasteners are included in the delivery. General operating license (ABE) and ECE - product certification (homologation). Trailer hitches that are already approved according to ECE 55 regulation or previously 94/20/E have already been tested according to European standards.

They comply with CE directives, are tested and approved for the French market. It is not necessary to have the tow bar approved by an expert or inspector after installation or to have it registered on the vehicle papers.

Connection to the trailer socket. The socket allows you to connect to the trailer plug and provides the electrical connection between the car and the trailer.

What does 7 pins mean? A simple connection that is sufficient to meet legal requirements. Like all 7-pin harnesses, special functions such as permanent power supply or reverse lights (on the trailer) are not possible.

What does 13 pins mean? It is a waterproof connector with simple handling. In the meantime, this variant has become the standard for original equipment. Signaling functions and permanent power supply or reverse lights can be transmitted without any problems.

Other free pins are also available and offer useful options, especially in the camping field. What does an original connector mean? The connections between the vehicle and the electrical kit are made using existing connectors, which eliminates any connection errors. Modern electrical kits are equipped with trailer control modules that are capable of exchanging data with the vehicle's control units.

Some functions, such as deactivating the reverse sensors, trailer stabilization, and deactivating the rear fog lights, only work when both computers have learned to communicate with each other. Therefore, it is necessary to perform corresponding coding on the vehicle using a diagnostic tester. What does trailer stabilization mean? The current driving situation of the car is monitored by sensors installed on the vehicle.

Once the trailer plug is connected, the vehicle recognizes the "trailer" operating mode and monitors all dynamic movements of the vehicle. If the trailer ends up in a critical state, the vehicle's onboard computer helps the driver regain control of the situation. Info: - TSP, Trailer-Stability-Program - TSM, Trailer-Sway-Mitigation - TSA, Trailer-Stability-Assist Technical note: Trailer stabilization only works if an electrical kit assists it. For this, the electrical kit must be registered in the vehicle's data bus system through activation. Vehicles that do not have TSP as standard cannot be equipped with this function using an electrical kit compatible with TSP. What does a universal harness mean? A universal electrical kit is suitable for different brands and types of vehicles, but is not suitable for any particular model. Characteristic properties: - Connection is made to the power supply wires. The functions of each wire must be identified.

The wiring may need to be shortened or lengthened if necessary. The installation instructions do not refer to vehicle-specific characteristics.

Tip: If possible, always buy a vehicle-specific electrical kit, as installation errors are almost excluded. What does a specific harness mean? A specific electrical harness has been specially developed for a specific vehicle. Before marketing a specific electrical kit, a trial installation is carried out on the vehicle to ensure its proper functioning. Typical properties: - Pre-designed connectors - Exactly tailored cable lengths - Installation instructions describe all necessary work steps in text or pictograms for correct installation.

Info: There are vehicle-specific electrical kits that are also suitable for multiple vehicle models, as vehicles are often built on the same platform regardless of the manufacturer! Advice: Specific electrical kits save installation time and therefore money. What does pre-assembled plug mean? One end of the cable harness is already connected to the plug.

This facilitates installation and saves valuable installation time. What does a plug with screw terminals mean? The plug insert has connection slots for cable attachment, which make contact through a screw terminal. What does a plug with crimp terminals mean?

In the case of a crimp plug, the wires are already installed in the contact support. This results in a gas-tight compression of the cable with the contact pin, ensuring optimal contact connection. What does deactivation of rear fog lights mean? When deactivating the fog light system, the rear fog lights of the towing vehicle are turned off. It doesn't matter if the trailer has its own fog light system.

Note: When using a rear bike rack with its own lighting units, it is mandatory for the rear fog light of the car to be deactivated (in Germany). CAN data bus technology (also called Controller-Area-Network) is the technical term for a special type of data transmission in a vehicle.

It manages the electronic network of a modern automobile and connects the majority of control devices. Info: A modern car contains up to 70 control units to exchange data between them, which then enable the most suitable functions.

It is a bulb failure check that indicates to the driver, on the dashboard, through a visual symbol, a defective lighting, for example, turn signals, brake lights, etc. What does a flasher relay or flasher unit mean? Flasher relays are also called flasher units and are responsible for transmitting the flashing signal to the vehicle's turn signals or, if applicable, to the trailer's turn signals. In case of malfunction, the flashing frequency changes. What does a trailer control unit mean? The trailer control unit partially or completely regulates the trailer lighting. The impulse usually comes from the rear lights of the vehicle, which the control device transmits to the trailer.

What does a trailer detection mean? A trailer detection function is used to indicate to the towing vehicle whether a trailer or a bike rack is attached. This is often done using a micro-switch built into the power socket. What does a C2 indicator mean? The C2 indicator is an additional green indicator.

It should be placed on the dashboard, within the driver's field of view. Info: On some types of vehicles, a C2 indicator is already equipped to be controlled by the flasher unit. Practical: In trailer mode, the C2 indicator flashes at the same time as the standard turn signal indicator. Even without a trailer, it can flash up to three times, but then it must go out!

What does a wiring diagram mean? In the wiring diagram of a 7 or 13-pin socket, it is defined which cable occupies which contact of the socket. The cables are identified by colors. The contacts of the socket are identified by numbers and letters.

What does a microswitch mean? A microswitch is a small electrical switch that is integrated into the electrical kit socket.

It can be used for different functions, for example: deactivation of the ESP, trailer detection, etc. What does a central connector mean? Some vehicles are already prepared to receive a "factory electrical kit".

In such cases, there is one or more central connectors, which are ready to serve as connection points for the trailer cable set. What does permanent power supply mean? The additional permanent power supply is a continuous 12Volt voltage that provides continuous current to contact "no. 9" and is only possible for 13-pin trailer sockets according to 11446 DIN/ISO. What does a charging cable mean?

A battery in the trailer can be charged with a charging cable while driving. This works via contact "no. 10", a 13-pin socket according to DIN/ISO 11446. As soon as the contact is cut off, the power supply is interrupted by a cut-off relay. More offers for this type of trailer hitch.

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Specific 13-pin bundle for AUDI A4 sedan type 8K/B8 Jaeger TOP    Specific 13-pin bundle for AUDI A4 sedan type 8K/B8 Jaeger TOP