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Towbar for Audi A5 Sportback type 8TA, tool-free detachable Brink ABE

Towbar for Audi A5 Sportback type 8TA, tool-free detachable Brink ABE
Towbar for Audi A5 Sportback type 8TA, tool-free detachable Brink ABE
Towbar for Audi A5 Sportback type 8TA, tool-free detachable Brink ABE

Towbar for Audi A5 Sportback type 8TA, tool-free detachable Brink ABE   Towbar for Audi A5 Sportback type 8TA, tool-free detachable Brink ABE

TRAILER HITCH detachable towbar Brink for Audi A5 Sportback 07.2007 - 01.2017. Other important product information can be found in the installation manual - please click on the link! Technical assistance even after purchase. A complete package: Towbars + wiring harnesses.

Towbar also suitable for Audi A5 Sportback type 8TA 07.2007 - 01.2017. Year of: 07.2007 - 01.2017. Approved type according to 94/20/EC/ECE-R-55.

Removable vertical tow ball without tools. It is possible that the vehicle's engine cooling may not be sufficient for towing. In this case, it may be necessary to replace certain parts of the cooling system. We are happy to help you check if your vehicle has the necessary preparations, please contact us with the chassis number. All necessary screws and fasteners are included in the delivery.

Approval from the Ministry of Mines required. Depending on the vehicle model.

General operating approval (ABE) and ECE - product certification (homologation). Trailer hitches that are already approved according to regulation ECE 55 or previously 94/20/E have already been tested according to European standards.

They comply with CE directives, are tested and approved for the French market. It is not necessary to have the towbar approved by an expert or inspector after installation or to have it registered on the vehicle documents.

What is the towing capacity? The towing capacity defines the maximum total weight allowed, with which a vehicle equipped with an appropriate towbar can tow a trailer.

Depending on the type and version of the vehicle (engine power), this can vary. You can find the maximum allowed trailer load for your vehicle on your registration certificate.

Where can I find this entry in the vehicle documents? Depending on the age of the vehicle, you will find the value on the vehicle registration certificate. Take the value from area F. 3 and subtract it from the value from area F. In order to calculate the maximum permissible towing weight for the vehicle.

In exceptional cases, this value can be increased by calculation. Please follow the instructions on the vehicle registration certificate - especially for slope indications. For the towbars we offer, you will find the maximum permissible trailer load of the trailer hitch in the technical data of the product view. Important: If the maximum towing load value of the vehicle and the trailer hitch are not identical, the lower value always applies.

Example: If a maximum trailer load of 1,500 kg is indicated in the vehicle document, but the associated trailer hitch has a tested trailer load of 1,800 kg, only 1,500 kg can still be towed. Under certain conditions, an increase in the trailer load can be requested for the vehicle.

This requires approval from the respective vehicle manufacturer, for example Audi, BMW, Mercedes... The vehicle must then be presented to an expert. With the test certificate you receive from them, you can have the change registered in the documents of your vehicle at the registration office. The authorized trailer load in kilograms can be determined as follows: Formula for calculating value D: (Total weight Towing capacity 9.81) / (Total weight + Towing capacity) Formula for calculating the maximum trailer load: (value D Total weight) / (Total weight 9.81 - value D) Formula for calculating total weight: (value D Trailer load) / (Trailer load 9.81 - value D) Formula for calculating static weight according to the 4% rule: Trailer load 0.04 GF = (authorized total weight of the vehicle in kg) see vehicle registration D = (value D in kN) see towbar nameplate/installation instructions. What is a bumper cut-out?

When cutting the bumper, a piece of the bumper is cut out on the rear part of the vehicle. It is important to note that there are visible bumper cut-outs and non-visible bumper cut-outs. This depends individually on the design of the bumper. Trailer hitch manufacturers always strive to avoid bumper cut-outs. If this is not possible, the cut-out is limited to what is strictly necessary.

If the bumper needs to be modified, you can always find it in the respective installation instructions for the article. If a cut-out is necessary, you will also find the dimensions or a template that defines the size of the desired cut-out. Tip: For cutting, use a jigsaw with a fine saw blade, as it allows you to work on the plastic very easily and with precision. To smooth the cut edges, you can carefully heat them with a lighter. Professionals can also do this with a Bunsen burner or a "Blue-Fire". But keep enough distance to be able to shape perfectly. The maximum weight that can be applied vertically from above to the towball of the trailer hitch. The authorized vertical load of the vehicle can be found in the vehicle manual under the section "use of a trailer". The maximum static weight of each towbar device is indicated on the approval plate and in the installation instructions. Tip: If you want to mount a bike carrier with an electric bike on your trailer hitch, you must absolutely pay attention to a high static weight.

Important: What happens when the vertical load values between the vehicle and the trailer hitch are not identical? Example: If the manufacturer has allowed a maximum vertical load of 75 kg for the vehicle and the trailer hitch has an approved vertical load of 60 kg, the value of the hitch is decisive. In this example, it would be 60 kg. In this case, the lower value always applies. This value of a trailer hitch is expressed in Kilo-Newton and serves as the basis for calculating the permissible trailer load.

The value D is determined and verified once and remains unchanged. Only the value D and the authorized vertical load are indicated on the approval plate of the trailer hitch. The indication of value D allows the determination of the bandwidth during a modification acceptance according to § 19 (3) StVZO (German Road Traffic Act). For example, it is possible to modify the authorized total weight by varying the trailer load accordingly, without requiring a new inspection.

The required value D according to directive 94/20/EC can be determined as follows: GF = (authorized total weight of the vehicle in kg) see vehicle registration GA = (authorized trailer load of the vehicle in kg) see vehicle registration. What is a foldable socket support? The socket is mounted on a support plate with a hinge and can be folded under the bumper. This is not mandatory, but simply an improvement in appearance.

Many detachable and swiveling trailer hitches are equipped with retractable sockets. We even have some fixed towbars with this feature in our range.

Info: The construction of a towbar device with a foldable socket support depends on the presence of sufficient space between the cross tube of the towbar and the rear part of the vehicle. Is an inspection by the technical inspection authority necessary? Almost all trailer hitches in our range have an approval plate and are therefore tested according to the "94/20" directive.

Such a towbar can be used on public roads without further inspection. According to Article 27, Paragraph 1 of the StVZO (German Road Traffic Act), a retrofitted trailer hitch with an approval plate must only be added during the "next consultation of the vehicle documents" at the registration office. However, according to Clause 1a, any possible change in the authorized trailer load resulting from the installation of the towbar device must be reported immediately. After installing a trailer hitch that requires individual inspection at the technical inspection authority, we provide a certificate, with which you must have an individual inspection carried out after installation. You will receive a document with which you must immediately register the change in your vehicle documents at the registration office.

National brand (M, F, N). The same conditions apply here as for the individual technical inspection procedure. The only difference is that these trailer hitches have a permanently assigned approval certification.

Info: A towbar device that has been tested according to EC94/20 meets the following criteria: - The trailer hitch has a valid approval plate with all necessary data - The distance between the towball and the bumper and the road surface complies with the regulations. The construction has passed the dynamic endurance test with 2 million load changes. All prescribed fastening locations specified by the vehicle manufacturer have been adhered to. Important: The installation instructions must be included in the vehicle documents and must be in the vehicle!

What is the installation time? The installation time of a towbar is indicated by the towbar manufacturer itself.

This time is exclusively limited to the installation of the product. This time does not take into account, for example, the installation or fitting of the bumper.

Tips: To avoid calculation errors, calculate the specified indicative values with a factor of two. Experience shows that this comes closest to the actual installation time. What is a socket support plate? The socket, whether 7 or 13-pin, is always fixed to the socket support plate with 3 screws. Some trailer hitches are even equipped with a folding function. What is an approval plate? Each towbar device must be equipped with an approval plate in order not to invalidate the vehicle's registration. An approval plate must contain the following information: - Diameter of the towball - Approval number - Serial or manufacturing data - Static weight kg - Value D in kN - Type Info: Feel free to ask us for the corresponding document. More offers for this type of trailer hitch. We distribute articles from the following manufacturers. More reasons to order from TS24. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you. All orders are processed and prepared for shipping within one working day.

At Transportsysteme24, you only buy brand name products from proven manufacturers. Our goods are delivered with the corresponding test certificate and authorization according to the road traffic regulations. A wide range of products. We have a large stock.

Note: Car type/manufacturer logos are only intended to better define the product offered/compatibility (according to European legislation) and belong to their legal owner.

Towbar for Audi A5 Sportback type 8TA, tool-free detachable Brink ABE   Towbar for Audi A5 Sportback type 8TA, tool-free detachable Brink ABE